F1 fans usually come to Abu Dhabi for the off track activities and entertainment as much as to watch live motorsports. That said, views at the Yas Marina circuit are not going to disappoint even the most experienced of F1 spectators. The lack of a free to roam day where fans can watch from any grandstand regardless of what ticket they have is the only real downside.

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Best Grandstands at Yas Marina

Grandstands are very desirable, often with views over multiple corners and none are particularly weak. The venue may have street circuit-like characteristics but grandstands are well elevated. Even lower rows allow for a clear view without being spoiled by any nasty catch-fencing.

South Grandstand

Positioned at the end of the second long straight and at the most common point for overtakes under DRS into turn 9, the south grandstand is never far from the action.

The setting is stunning with the yachts in Yas marina as your backdrop and the luminescent Yas Viceroy Hotel twinkling in the fading light.

After breaking hard into turn 9, 3 further slow speed corners give you ample time to appreciate the turning ability of the cars before they are full throttle again towards turn 13.

Best seats in this grandstand are right at the apex of the corner for unrivalled views of overtakes and these corners. Seats at the other end have a great view of where the track doubles back on itself and the turn-in to turn 12.

Wherever you are try and avoid the very lowest seats to be sure your view is unobstructed by the safety rails.


Marina Grandstand

With its similarly spectacular backdrop and views over the same section of track, lower priced Marina Grandstand could be considered ‘South Grandstand Lite’.

While this grandstand’s illustrious neighbour is closer to overtaking hotspot turn 9 (hence the higher prices) Marina Grandstand is also a great option.

Squint and you’ll see passes for position at turn 9 but it’s the corners opposite which really grab the attention. The two medium speed turns 10 and 11 feed into the low speed turn 12.

From the high speed straight to this combination of corners the Marina Grandstand is an excellent point to see Formula 1 cars under various conditions, even if its not the best grandstand at Yas Marina.


West Grandstand

The west grandstand is an L-shaped stand that wraps itself around turn 6.

Braking hard for turn 6 after a long straight – the first of the DRS zones – there is always a chance of overtakes here. Drivers then thread their way through two slow corners before getting back on it, accelerating towards turn 9.

Later in the lap you’ll see the cars again as they negotiate the final two turns. Here the pitlane entry is clearly visible and depending on where you’re seated you can make out the lower positions of the grid and the start of the pitlane.

There are really three distinct sections in this grandstand, each with their own advantages.

From the left of the stand as you face the track, your view of the turn-in to turn 6 is distant and its not the best place to see overtakes. Watching the more distant section of track, turns 15 and 16, you’re well placed to enjoy this and there is an exciting view down the grid and of some pit boxes.

Overall, this spot is not the optimal place for the majority of the time, but it delivers on brief bursts of excitement like the start and the pitstops that few other places at the track can match.

Seats opposite the turn in to the apex of turn 6 have some of the best views of overtakes at this corner and the final two corners of the lap are clearly visible. Don’t expect to see anything of the pitstops or even the very last rows of the grid.

You’ll also find this to be the case seated on the exit of turn six but you do have pretty good views of other parts of the track when the cars come back towards the end of the lap, and you have a better view of turns 6 and 7 as the cars will be head on which is more satisfying to see and makes for much more Instagram worthy photographs.

There are plenty of giant screens here so wherever you are seated you’ll know what’s going on in the track sessions. The proximity to the paddock means you feel close to the action at all times and can appreciate the very unique atmosphere of the venue.


North Grandstand

A giant grandstand that wraps around the turn 5 hairpin to form a horseshoe shape. The preceding chicane was removed for a revised layout ahead of the 2021 race in an effort to create more overtaking opportunities. It seemed to do the trick when that year this was the site of a championship deciding overtake for the lead of the race lead on a controversial final lap.

abu dhabi north grandstand
© Paolo Rosa | Flickr

As well as the potential for racing action, the North Grandstand is an ideal area for photo opportunities as cars slow right down providing the chance for some very nice head-on shots especially if you’re positioned at the exit to the hairpin.


Abu Dhabi Hill: General Admission Experience at Yas Marina

If you’re familiar with the general admission experience at other F1 tracks, what passes for general admission at Yas Marina might be a surprise. Far from having the freedom to roam the circuit from one corner to the next fans with Abu Dhabi Hill tickets are (for track views at least) confined to one area; a grassy bank on the interior of the circuit.

The view itself is not a bad one – multiple corners looking towards the approach to the hairpin – though you will have to get there early to save a good spot. There is a giant screen to keep you up to speed and so long as you don’t mind loosing your place on the hill you can roam freely around the refreshments and merchandise stalls of the Oasis area.

For casual fans and last minute plans general admission might suffice but for anyone planning their whole trip around the Grand Prix its worth shilling out for even the cheapest grandstand.

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