Monaco is an F1 venue synonymous with luxury, and for many, a visit necessitates a bit of a splurge. 

The Monaco Grand Prix offers some of the best F1 hospitality options, aimed at satisfying those with the most refined tastes. Its plethora of VIP F1 tickets offers unique experiences that could see you sipping Champagne on a Monaco balcony, enjoying meet and greets with F1 stars or living the dream at the Monaco Paddock Club. 

The only thing harder than tearing yourself away from the buffet table is choosing which Monaco hospitality package is right for you. But hopefully, after reading this guide to the Principality’s most luxurious experiences, you’ll be well on your way to doing Monaco in style.

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VIP Hospitality Terraces at the Monaco Grand Prix

Bronze Terrace


Boasting excellent views of Ste. Devote (turn 1), the Bronze VIP Terrace of Le Panorama building, is an entry-level balcony view. 

monaco bronze terrace
bronze terrace monaco

Its track views and the food and beverage on offer lack the wow factor of some of the very best Monaco VIP packages, but it nonetheless is an impressive step up from the grandstand experience.

Although there are better views to be had, turn 1 is about as action-packed a spot during races as there is at Monaco. It is an unforgiving bottle-neck on lap one and provides a (albeit slim) chance for overtaking.

Bronze Terrace Benefits:

  • Light breakfast of croissants, coffee, and tea
  • Selected beverages (including wines, beer and soft drinks)
  • Standing snack buffet
  • Afternoon tea with small desserts
  • TV screens so you can follow all the track action
  • Limited alcoholic beverage service starting at 11am.
Access to the Terrace from 10:00 to 18:30 on Saturday & 10:00 to 18:00 on Sunday

Silver Terrace


The Silver Terrace is the sweet spot of the F1 hospitality options in Monaco. 

The continental breakfast and three-course lunch is a significant step up from the Bronze Terrace, and the views of the action don’t disappoint either.

monaco silver terrace view
silver terrace monaco view
silver terrace monaco interior

The balcony of the Beau Rivage building affords a sweeping vista of the track from Ste. Devote, winding up towards Casino Square. Further around the lap, the section of track from Tabac to La Picine is also visible.

Silver Terrace Benefits:

  • Continental breakfast in the morning
  • 3-course lunch
  • Afternoon Tea & Coffee with refreshments
  • Selected beverages (including Champagne, wines, beer and soft drinks)
  • Limited alcoholic beverage service starting at 11am
  • TV screens so you can follow all the track action
  • VIP hosts and concierge service staff
Access to the Terrace from 10:00 to 18:30 on Saturday & 10:00 to 18:00 on Sunday

Gold Terrace


Gold Terraces are the perfect choice if you want to be closer to the track and feel immersed in the on-track action. These mostly lower-level balconies get you front-row seats to experience the full-on sensory overload of the sound and speed of the Monaco GP.

gold terrace monaco interior

Gold Terraces are located in several buildings, mostly centred on Monaco’s main straight. The Palais Heracles, Shangri-la, Les Caravelles and Ermanno Palace all host Gold Terrace guests.

Track views differ depending on which terrace you’re assigned to, so be sure to reach out to your ticket provider when booking if you want to know exactly what you’ll be able to see.

Close to turn 1, guests of Les Caravelles and Ermanno buildings are treated to the unforgettable spectacle of the fast approach and entry to Ste. Devote. This is a prime spot to see the phenomenal stopping ability of a Formula 1 car as the drivers step on the brakes impossibly close to the corner. It makes for a tantalizing vantage point on lap one of the Grand Prix and is one of the more action-packed stretches of the Monaco asphalt.

Monaco’s main straight is famously not very straight. Looking up the track from these terraces towards the finish line, the track bends out of view around the pit structure so the starting grid won’t be visible from here.

Other Gold Terraces do feature a view of the start, though. From the terraces of Palais Heracles and the Shangri-la, guests have the chance to enjoy their proximity to the starting grid and soak up the nail-biting pre-race atmosphere.

Gold Terrace Benefits:

  • Continental breakfast in the morning
  • 3-course lunch
  • Afternoon Tea & Coffee with refreshments
  • Open bar service (including Champagne, wines, beer and soft drinks)
  • All-day hospitality service
Access to the Terrace from10:00 to 18:30 on Saturday & 10:00 to 18:00 on Sunday

Platinum Terrace 


You get what you pay for with a Platinum Terrace ticket – simply put, one of the very best views of the Monaco Grand Prix that money can buy. From your balcony, high up on the main straight, you’ll see a mind-blowing 60% of the iconic circuit, and these are the best terraces if you want to be guaranteed a view of the start of the race.

Located in the upper levels of Palais Heracles, Les Caravelles, Ermanno Palace and the Shangri-la, these terraces allow guests to see the track from the start/finish line to turn one. You’ll then watch the cars climb up the hill to Mirabeau. Further around the lap, the cars reappear, exiting the tunnel on the far side of the harbour, snaking around the harbourfront section – the Nouvelle Chicane, Tabac and the swimming pool chicanes.

view from platinum terrace monaco

Looking down is the starting grid, where you can watch the teams prepare for the race.

Platinum Terrace Benefits:

  • Continental breakfast in the morning
  • 3-course lunch
  • Afternoon Tea & Coffee with refreshments
  • Open bar service (including Champagne, wines, beer and soft drinks)
  • All-day hospitality service
Access to the Terrace from 10:00 to 18:30 on Saturday & 10:00 to 18:00 on Sunday

Panoramic Fan’s Club VIP terrace


The Panoramic Fan’s Club VIP terrace on the 15th floor of the plush Panorama building offers a unique vantage point to enjoy the Monaco Grand Prix. As the name suggests, it provides a sweeping view of the race track, extending from the first corner, Ste. Devote, up the track to Casino Square, and finally, the port of Monaco. This is a space where luxury, convenience, and the excitement of Formula 1 coalesce.

panorama hospitality terrace view
dj set panorama terrace

In this luxurious setting, a seasoned motorsport expert is on hand to host the weekend’s festivities, promising an informed and engaging perspective of the on-track events. Adding a lively backdrop to the racing action is a resident DJ, while a cocktail bar provides a wide selection of beverages. Guests also receive a goody bag with merchandise and a race program.

To add a personal touch to this unique F1 experience, there are appearances by various personalities from the racing world. Friday features the safety car driver. Saturday brings the chance to meet a possible F1 star of the future as an F2 or F3 driver will drop in. And on Sunday, guests can expect to see an F1 reserve driver.

Panoramic Fan’s Club VIP Terrace Benefits:

  • Motorsport specialist to host the event throughout the weekend
  • Live DJ entertainment & Cocktail bar
  • Goody bag
  • Breakfast in the morning with hot & cold dishes
  • Buffet lunch
  • Sweet and salty refreshments in the afternoon
  • Sunday after-race celebration with two glasses of Champagne per person included only for two days or three days or Sunday only tickets holders
  • Friday safety car driver appearance
  • Saturday F2/F3 driver appearance
  • Sunday F1 reserve driver appearance
Access to the terrace on Friday, Saturday (10am – 6pm) and Sunday (10am – 6pm

So, whether it’s the action-packed Bronze Terrace, the balanced indulgence of the Silver Terrace, the up-close spectacle from the Gold Terraces, or the top-tier experience at the Panoramic Terrace, there’s something for everyone.

Each package offers its unique spin on the F1 hospitality experience, from viewing perspectives and food and beverage services to bonus features like meet and greets with drivers. 

The Monaco GP stands out as an event where the rich choice of hospitality options mirrors the exclusivity and excitement of this iconic Grand Prix. 

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