The fast-flowing nature of the Jeddah circuit breaks the mould of the typical street circuit. But it isn’t only the track layout that tears up the script. The views from the grandstands are a far cry from the typical single-corner view that too many street circuits suffer from. That’s not to say Jeddah is a classic spectator circuit – it would be nice to see more choice and variety – but the views from the best grandstands are a pleasant surprise.

Best Grandstands at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix

Main Grandstand A


These are some of the cheapest main grandstand seats at any F1 circuit. While I would usually recommend a corner view, these prices and limited options elsewhere make for an excellent opportunity to enjoy the unique benefits of a main grandstand seat.

On race day, these seats provide an excellent view of the preparations on the grid before the start of the race. Then, during the race, fans can witness the lightning-fast pit stops that often result in crucial changes in position.

The main straight in Jeddah has seen more racing action than most too. In previous races, the final corner has been a crucial overtaking spot, with wheel-to-wheel racing continuing down the straight and into turn 1.

Main Grandstand B


The less expensive of the main straight grandstands, Main Grandstand B still has a lot to offer. The grandstand has more distant views of the starting grid and pitlane activity, but there’s still plenty to get excited about.

Situated at turn 1, this is arguably the best grandstand for views of the start. When the five red lights go out, fans here have a clear view of the cars leaving the line and can follow the racing into and around turns 1 and 2.

Throughout the race as well this is one of the most action-packed parts of the circuit and one of the best overtaking spots. Throw in prime views of the post-race podium celebrations, and this grandstand is one of Jeddah’s finest – the perfect balance of ceremony and real racing action.

Central Grandstands A, B, C and D


These are the only grandstands in Jeddah that allow a view of the circuit’s most distinct characteristic – its fast, flowing corners. The Central Grandstands comprise four grandstands; A, B, C and D. They are located on the exterior of the circuit, besides turns 5, 6, 7 and 8.

Together they have views encompassing both these corners and more distant views of the cars later in the lap. Thanks to the narrow footprint of the coastal circuit, the long snaking circuit doubles back on itself, making for extra value for fans in these seats.

The grandstands and the vantage point each offer are similar, as is the cost of tickets. Many fans find that grandstands with a front-facing view of the cars (such as grandstands A and C) are more favourable and make for better photos of the cars.

Grandstand D though has a view of the challenging turn 8, a corner that has been known to trip up a number of drivers who have found the limits of grip at this part of the circuit.

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