The Brazilian Grand Prix offers some inexpensive grandstands with fantastic views of the circuit where up to 70% of the track is visible. Keep in mind many grandstands are fully or partially exposed to the elements so if it rains as it often does at Interlagos and you haven’t brought a poncho you could be in for a soaking.

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Best Grandstands at Interlagos

Most of the grandstand seats are unreserved so have a look around on Friday or Saturday so you can get to the circuit early on Sunday and reserve your favourite spot. Despite there being many grandstands at Interlagos only some of them are available to buy, the others being taken over by corporate hospitality and private clubs.

Grandstand R

Tribune R is one of the better places to watch at Interlagos and offers views of the often copied, but never equaled Senna esses. Turns 1 to 3 tend to be one of the most action packed sections of the Brazilian track with overtaking moves often starting on the main straight, and being resolved in turn 1.

Re-overtakes are not unheard of through the following turns 2 and towards turn 4. Its a steep, downhill section where many drivers have slipped up over the years.

While views to the left and right are satisfying, looking up and down won’t disappoint either – the grandstand is covered so you’ll stay nice and dry and under your bum is an actual seat. Only downside is the lack of a giant screen in this section.


Grandstand A

Grandstand A is a long grandstand that hugs the track along the first part of the Emerson Fittipaldi straight, beginning as the cars accelerate out of Junção, past the pitlane entry and all the way to the point where the track straightens out at the back of the grid.

The views from grandstand A vary a lot depending on which section of the stand you’re in so its definitely one you’ll want to explore for yourself. This grandstand is the heart of the famous Brazilian Grand Prix atmosphere and the passion of the crowd is infectious.

From the side nearest to Junção fans have a sweeping vista of an extraordinary amount of the in-field section from about turn 4 to turn 14, though only for fans seated high in the stand. You’ll sometimes see overtakes into turn 14

The other end has the view of the infield obstructed by the pit buildings but these seats do border the last few rows of the grid. There isn’t anywhere in the world where you can get this close to an F1 starting grid for such a low cost. Looking to your right you’re likely to see drivers setting up for an overtake into the first corner, though the final execution may be out of sight.

Though its a popular place to watch the race from there are some drawbacks and its not for everyone. This is not by any means a deluxe experience so some may find it uncomfortable seated on what are essentially concrete steps; there are too few giant screens and lack of elevation means you’ll be staring through a fence for much of the day, at least from the lower rows. As your eyes become focused on the racing its easy to forget about this, but it does ruin a good photo.


Grandstand B

From here you’ll be in the best possible place to watch the teams prepare on the starting grid. Its one of the closest main straight grandstands to a starting grid anywhere. Opposite are the team garages – perfect for people watching during the weekend and for following the pitstops.

After the race you’re ideally placed to see the podium ceremony. Along the main straight and into turn 1 is one of the most common overtaking places during the race and you’ll have front row seats to watch F1 cars go side by side at over 300kph. Bring earplugs.


Grandstand M

Toward the end of the main straight in the breaking zone for turn 1, grandstand M is an exciting place to watch the start of the race. It leads into one of the circuit’s most frequent overtaking spots however watching the cars disappear around turn 1 often before the move is complete can leave you feeling a bit dissatisfied. Not a bad grandstand but lacks that special something.


Grandstand Q

Grandstand Q is one of the cheapest grandstands at Interlagos, but don’t let that put you off. The grandstand lies alongside the first half of the back straight. Although most of the action happens further down the straight at turn 4 there are distant views of other sections of the circuit that make this view very good value.

From the top rows you’ll get a good view of the circuit over the catch fencing where, although quite distant, you are able to follow the track through much of the infield section. To the left you’ll have a distant view of the Senna S where overtakes are common.

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