Getting to the Dutch Grand Prix in Zandvoort is easy compared with some traditional tracks that F1 visits. Located on the coast a mere 30km from Amsterdam, international arrivals won’t have much further to go after landing at Schiphol Airport. It also aims to be one of the most sustainable and visitors are encouraged to ditch the car for public transport or bicycle instead.

International Travel: Arrival in the Netherlands for the Dutch Grand Prix

Amsterdam’s Airport Schiphol (AMS) is one of Europe’s major air transport hubs. It’s the base for national airline KLM who have arrivals from dozens of destinations worldwide.

From the UK, British Airways fly from Heathrow, Gatwick and Stanstead. Several low-cost carriers also have flights to Amsterdam including easyJet, TUI fly, Transavia and Level.

Alternatively you may find cheaper flights to Brussels (BRU), Brussels Charleroi (CRL) or Cologne (CGN), all within reasonable train travel distance from Amsterdam. lets you search for the lowest-cost flights and shows you route combinations that often don’t show up on other search engines. If you miss a connecting flight due to a delay the Kiwi guarantee means you can take the next available flight at no extra cost.

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Local Travel: Transport for Zandvoort Circuit and Schiphol Airport.

The train is the best way for most fans to get to the Dutch Grand Prix but can be very crowded and (after the race) rowdy. If that’s a concern, consider one of the many other options like local buses, coach transfers or by bike. There is no car parking at Zandvoort and road leading into the area will be closed. Instead choose park and ride or park and bike.

Tip: To avoid peak rush hour avoid travelling between 9:00 am and 12:00 pm and from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm.


For many fans, the train will be all they need to get around in the area and travel to and from the circuit. Regular, inexpensive Intercity and Sprinter trains connect Schiphol airport, Amsterdam Central and Zandvoort.

grand prix directions
for the Grand Prix

From Zandvoort train station it’s about a 15 minute walk to the track, making train travel one of the easiest ways to go to the Dutch Grand Prix. Exit the station and follow the signs or the Oranje Army to Circuit Zandvoort.

More trains will serve the route on Grand Prix weekend than on the usual timetable. From Amsterdam Central, Sprinter or Intercity trains leave frequently (5 -10 minutes) and reach Zandvoort aan Zee in about 25 minutes. Bear in mind that bikes are not permitted on these routes on Grand Prix weekend due to the volume of traffic.

Avoid the queues at the ticket machines and buy tickets in advance. NS Dutch Railways has special return tickets for the Grand Prix, that allow travel between any station in the Netherlands and Zandvoort during the days of the event. You can find out more and book your tickets on the NS Dutch Railways website.

grand prix directions
for the Airport

There are no direct train connections between Schiphol Airport and Zandvoort (or Haarlem). Take an Intercity train to Amsterdam Sloterdijk or Amsterdam Central Station and change to another Intercity or Sprinter train.


There are public buses connecting Amsterdam, Schiphol Airport and Haarlem with Zandvoort. For information on park and ride buses, see the section on ‘Driving to Zandvoort’. For direct coaches from other regions see the ‘Coaches to Zandvoort’ section.

grand prix directions
for the Grand Prix

Most fans will find it easier to take the train to the Grand Prix. But if you’re based nearby in the Amstelland region or Haarlemmermeer the bus can be a good way to avoid the crowds.

Connexxion has a DGP Day Ticket, especially for F1 fans. This allows bus travel on any Connexxion lines in the Amstelland, Meerlanden and Haarlem-IJmond regions. You can find out more and book your bus tickets here.

Note: If you’re having trouble accessing the Connexxion website from outside the Netherlands, try using a VPN and set your location to ‘Netherlands’. I recommend NordVPN, which has a 30-day money-back guarantee.

These are some of the most useful bus routes in the area:

  • (Recommended) Bus 300 (Friday to Sunday) and 356 (Saturday and Sunday) go directly from Haarlem station to Zandvoort’s main entrance (gate 2). Between 8:00 am and 12:00 pm, these buses leave Haarlem about every 5 minutes and take about 15 minutes to reach the destination.
  • Bus 81 departs from just outside Haarlem train station every half an hour. It takes about half an hour to reach the circuit and stops a few minutes walk from the main entrance.
  • Bus 80 leaves every 15 minutes from Heemstede-Aerdenhout station (one stop from Haarlem main station). This service doesn’t stop so close to the circuit, terminating in Zandvoort town centre. From here it’s about a 30-minute walk to the track.

If you want to take the bus from Amsterdam you can:

  • Bus 80 that stops in Haarlem originates at De Vlugtlaan station which can be reached on metro lines 50 and 51. It takes about 80 minutes.
  • Bus 346 departs from Amsterdam Zuid station. Change at Haarlem for buses to Zandvoort.

grand prix directions
for the Airport

Bus 397 connects the airport with central Amsterdam, stopping at Museumplein, Rijksmuseum, and Leidseplein and takes about 40 minutes. Services depart every 15 minutes from platform B9.

Bus 300 departs Schiphol Airport about every 5 – 10 minutes and connects with Haarlem station. If you plan to go directly from the airport to the circuit, you can change in Haarlem to bus 300, 356, 80 or 81. Expect the journey to Haarlem to take about 40 minutes and almost an hour to the circuit. Departs from platform B8-B10.

Coaches to Zandvoort

The standing room only, sardine cans on rails aren’t for everyone. A coach service operated by Pouw Vervoer offers an alternative for F1 fans who don’t mind paying extra for a little breathing space. Provided you’re close to a pick-up point, taking the coach can also make life simpler, cutting out transfer time.

Coaches pick up fans from 200 departure points throughout the Netherlands and stop in Zandvoort at the DGP bus station on Boulevard Barnaart (about 400 metres to the circuit gates). Services operate on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, arriving in Zandvoort at about 9:00 am and leaving at about 7:00 pm (the exact times will be emailed to ticket holders nearer the time of the Grand Prix).

Prices vary, depending on where you board – see the website for details and to reserve your tickets.

Driving to Zandvoort

Driving is discouraged as a way of getting to the Dutch Grand Prix and unless you’re an F1 driver, Zandvoort is car-free on race weekend.

Instead, fans going by car or motorcycle should avail of the park and ride service from Amsterdam or Amstelveen. In Zandvoort, buses drop off and pick up at gate 2. Park and ride tickets are available from the Q-Park website. They cost €45 per day and include all day parking and use of the bus to the circuit for up to 5 people.

Alternatively, you can park at a park and bike area near the circuit and continue by peddle power (see ‘Going to Zandvoort by Bike’ below).

Going to Zandvoort by Bike

It’s certainly the most Dutch way and it’s also one of the most practical ways to go to Zandvoort. The area is well developed for cyclists and it might not surprise you to read: flat. Circuit Zandvoort provide several facilities that aim to encourage bike use to get to the track and avoid the crowded trains.

Depending on your level of fitness, even Amsterdam is cycling distance, the 30km trip taking about 1 hour 45 minutes. Haarlem is only 10km (30 minutes) away.

If that all sounds like too much effort you can drive most of the way to a ‘park and bike’ car park where you can swap four wheels for two. You can use your own bike or pick up a pre-booked rented bike (or e-bike) on-site to peddle the rest of the way in about 30 minutes.

Per day it costs €25 to rent a bike and €37.50 for an e-bike. If you just want to park your car it will cost between €20 and €30 depending on which car park you choose. You can reserve a park and bike space here.

At the track, there is parking provided for bikes at a location about 15 minutes walk from the circuit entrance. This parking is free but requires a reservation. There are also paid parking for bikes which are nearer the circuit.


If you’re thinking about getting a taxi or an Uber to the Dutch Grand Prix, think again. Cars won’t be able to get anywhere near Zandvoort on race weekend and that applies to taxis too. If you want to travel part of the way by taxi (or you’re getting dropped off by a friend) arrange to get out at a Park and Ride, Park and Bike or any of the train or bus stations mentioned here.

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