Let’s face it, you come to Zandvoort for the atmosphere as much as the track views and the track certainly delivers on that front – the atmosphere among the 100,000+ Max Verstappen fans is a spectacle in itself. But how do the grandstands at Zandvoort stack up and which seats are the best places to watch the F1 action at the Dutch Grand Prix?

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Best Grandstands at the Dutch GP at Zandvoort

The grandstands at Zandvoort occupy 4 main areas – the main straight, turn 1, the hairpin and the Arena. Categorised as either Gold, Silver 1, Silver 2 or Bronze, these descriptions say more about their price tag and don’t always mean better views.

zandvoort arena grandstand

Main Straight Grandstands

Choose the Pit Grandstand if views of the pitlane and starting grid are your priorities. For views of the podium and the tail end of the grid, opt for the Main Grandstand.

In the upper rows, there’s some crossover and the main straight at Zandvoort is short enough that fans have a clear, if distant, view of the first and last corners.

Watching the drivers sling the cars around the fast, backed turn 14 never gets old and giant screens mean you won’t miss any action elsewhere on track.

Pit Grandstand


Seats in the Pit Grandstand offer the usual perks you’d expect from a grandstand opposite the pits.

In practice sessions, that means you can keep a close eye on all the action in the team garages as teams set up their cars and sharpen their pitstop skills.

On Saturday these are the best seats in the house for interviews on the track with the top three qualifiers. And on race day, watch the pre-race preparations on the grid and the all-important pit stops.

The top teams have their pit box near the pitlane entry in Zandvoort in the order they finished in the previous year’s constructor’s standings.

Main Grandstand


The Main Grandstand is the only covered grandstand at Zandvoort. Opposite parc-ferme and the podium it is best placed for the celebrations at the end of the race. These seats also provide views of the pits but not such a good view as the one from the Pit Grandstand.

Tarzanbocht – Tarzan Grandstands


Turn 1, Tarzanbocht, is one of the most historic corners at this historic track and it’s changed very little since 1948. The profile evokes turn one of the Hungaroring and like that corner offers the best chance to overtake at a circuit where passing isn’t easy. Here, under DRS, moves are a possibility, though coming off a short main straight, rare from what we’ve seen so far.

Views from Tarzan-In grandstands aren’t helped by the Paddock Club structure extending into turn 1. This blocks much of the turn and the pit exit is out of sight too so fans here won’t get to see how those all-important pit strategy battles play out.

Hairpin Grandstands – Bronze 1&2


The Hairpin grandstands 1 and 2 are positioned where cars brake for the entry to turn 10 and slowing down to about 100km/h before speeding off towards the arena section. This provides a good opportunity for photographing the cars at low speed.

For more visible track and variety of the view on offer, Bronze 2 on the corner exit is a clear winner out of the two grandstands. Seated in Bronze 2 you get to appreciate the epic acceleration of a Formula 1 car as it exits the turn 10 hairpin. The view encompasses more than just the corner exit though and what gives Bronze 2 the edge over sister grandstand Bronze 1 is the many glimpses of the track between turns 3 and 7.

The raised dunes that form the backdrop to the Bronze 2 track view means the approach isn’t visible and the view of this short stretch of track is one of the weakest at Zandvoort.

Arena Section: Eastside, Arena In, Arena and Arena Out Grandstands

Like Hockenheim’s stadium section, the arena section is designed for maximum atmospherics. The many grandstands here host the highest density of spectators and is a sea of orange smoke come race day.

This alone lends these grandstands a unique appeal, but the view of the cars braking hard into turn 11 and easing on the throttle around turn 12 makes this more than a blink and you miss it view. These seats are popular, and it’s easy to see why.

eastside grandstand 2b

Arena Grandstand 1


Arena Grandstand 1 wraps around turn 12 in the fiery orange heart of the Arena section. The view can differ a lot depending on where your seat is in this long, curved stand. Closest to turn 11 the view is limited to turns 11 and 12 only and doesn’t give you a chance to see the cars hurtling into the approach or the exit of the section. Mid-corner, fans have a better view as the cars speed out of the corner, while positioned further around are the prime seats for a clear view of the approach and braking zone for turn 11.

Arena Grandstand 2


With massive grandstands on either side of the track on the entry to the Arena section the atmosphere from Arena-In Grandstand 2 is tremendous. The view is easily a match for any of the best grandstands at Zandvoort too with seats closest to turn 11 offering the best views of this and the following turn 12.

Eastside Grandstand 3

zandvoort eastside grandstand
The View from Eastside Grandstand 3

With views of the same piece of track as the Arena Grandstand but from the opposite angle is the Eastside Grandstand 3. Of all the Eastside grandstands, this is the best for views that combine the approach and turn-in to turn 11 with the follow-through around turn 12. This is especially true for fans seated in the centre of the stand who get the best of both views.

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General Admission at Zandvoort

General admission views at Zandvoort are up there with the best circuits. Even if you’ve got a nice, comfy seat reserved in a grandstand, don’t miss the chance to get out into the sand dunes and explore.

The short circuit’s small footprint makes it easy to do a loop around the perimeter path and find a spot you’d like to watch the action. Scramble up and sit on the dunes for some extra height or stand near the fence to be closest to the action.

The natural elevation ensures a safe distance and eliminates the need for intrusive debris fencing. From most spots, the small fence is low enough to see over or hold your camera up for some nice, fence-free photos.

Be prepared though – the area is very exposed and you’ll find very little shade once you leave the main grandstand areas. Wear good footwear, stay hydrated and pack plenty of sunscreen. Bucket and spade are optional.

If you know you’re going to struggle with the heat, stay close to the main straight at Tarzan (turn 1). The area has some of the best vantage points in general admission and you’re never far away from some cool shade and an ice cream if you need them. It’s one of the most popular areas for F1 fans at Zandvoort though so expect a crowd.

From turn 1, fans get a head-on view down the main straight – without doubt, the best place to watch the start. Fences are not an issue, but get there early – you want to see the track, not the back of someone’s head.

Further around the corner the grid dips out of sight, but standing at the mid-point of the corner you can see both the braking and acceleration zones, as far as turn 2. It’s a fantastic place to watch the race given this is the most common overtaking spot.

Walk further along to turn 2. This area offers the best view of the banked curve 3, so steep from this angle that it appears more like a wall.

At the part of the track furthest from the main straight, the path rises for a commanding view over the middle sector. There’s no debris fencing here to spoil the view and it tends to be less crowded as well.

The pack can first be seen approaching from turn 6. Then, after the sweeping outer section from turn 7 to turn 8, the track tightens as it reaches one of the slowest corners – the hairpin of turn 10. Most of this can be enjoyed from a single vantage point making it easily one of the best general admission spots at Zandvoort.

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